Born in Far Rockaway Queens, MB was molded by his environment. MB had to overcome a million obstacles. At 2 he was the first kid in the world to have kidney reconstructive surgery after his first near death experience. As a small kid he was moved into special schools and eventually home schooled because of his temper.


At 18 he did a small stint in Rikers. It didn't take longer than the short time spent inside for him to realize that's not how he wanted to live. So after getting out he picked up battle rap, except he was still in the streets and the day before he was set to battle on URL, he was stabbed over 20 times and expected not to make it. It was such a close call RIP Money Bagz videos started popping up on the internet the same day.

With both lungs collapsed, punctures all over his back, neck and head it took a few weeks in the hospital and a few months at home to get back to where he could rap again.

Money Bagz has put in the better part of a decade in the top battle leagues, Grind Time, URL, RBE & Kotd. He won BET Freestyle Friday and has been featured on Vlad TV, TheSource.com and made appearances on Power 105. In 2018 he signed to independent label 6569ent and began focusing on music, releasing his first single Anymore, followed by Jump feat King Los and JRDN.